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Much of the information on this website was culminated from the websites listed below.
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Clicking on a link will open it in a new window The Official Jesca Hoop Website
MySpace Jesca Hoop's MySpace page Recordings of Jesca Hoop's live performances can be found here Video of Jesca Hoop and The Ditty Bops performing at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN on 9 March 2007
KCRW Public Radio station that plays Jesca's music
Newer KCRW Performance Watch or listen to Jesca Hoop's performance and interview from September 19, 2007 on KCRW
Older KCRW Performance Watch Jesca Hoop's performance and interview from December 2, 2004 on KCRW
The Ditty Bops have performed with Jesca several times
The Washboard devoted to The Ditty Bops live performances, and at least one song features Jesca
Sasha Smith sometimes performs with Jesca