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Jesca Hoop Biography*

Jesca Hoop grew up in Sonoma County in Northern California. One of five children in a strict Mormon household, she was born into a family of singers, and "from the age of walking were singing before we were talking". Jesca, with her father, a folk singer, and her mother, a classical singer, and her siblings formed a family choir that performed together for the church folk. Jesca also performed in her high school choir. In her early adolescence, friends began to introduce her to all different styles and genres of music, whereas before she only knew her parents' music and the radio.

Jesca grew up with a belief that there was a "correct way" to sing, but lost her voice completely and had to relearn to sing in ways that worked for her. As part of her self-prescribed reconditioning, she would compose and sing songs as she walked and walked and walked around on her own.

Her parents separated and Jesca broke away from the structures of Mormonism. She left the modern world to work in a wilderness rehabilitation program for troubled kids. While separated from civilization, Jesca stripped down her musical knowledge to its raw elements and began to conjure up an original viewpoint. After several years, she decided she missed the stage and moved back to California to start a band.

She and a friend played at clubs in Northern California and she later went to work for Tom Waits and his wife as a nanny to their three children. During this time, the couple became her mentors. The Waits sent a copy of Jesca's demo to their publisher, Lionel Conway, at Mosaic Publishing. Lionel gave the demo to Nic Harcourt, a DJ for "Morning Becomes Eclectic" on KCRW, a public radio station in Los Angeles. Nic Harcourt began to play the song "Seed of Wonder" and it became one of KCRW's top five requests for eight weeks straight, a station record.

Jesca moved down to LA, worked on her music and performed in clubs as interest in her music grew. She signed a deal with 3 Entertainment, a newly formed co-venture with Columbia Records and released her first full-length studio album Kismet on September 18, 2007.

* Biography compiled from Jesca Hoop's MySpace page and her KCRW interview/performance. See links page for more interesting websites about Jesca.